Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness and remote environments require specialized skills, equipment and training. Whether you are an outdoor recreation enthusiast, live or work in a wilderness or remote setting, or work as a professional rescuer — Red Cross offers specialized training to meet your needs.

The Canadian Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Program is one of the leading programs of its kind in Canada. Our newly updated program includes:

  • Fully updated course content and resources, including a take-home Wilderness & Remote Field Guide filled with pictures, protocols, and the latest techniques.
  • Learning activities and scenarios with real-life situations specifically designed for wilderness and remote environments.
  • Expanded course offerings, including a brand-new Wilderness First Responder level providing advanced first aid and CPR skills, leadership and rescue decision-making skills for professional rescuers who work and respond to emergencies in remote or wilderness settings.
  • Significant opportunities for hands-on learning with a significant portion of the courses taught in an outdoor setting so participants get the most effective learning experience possible.


Suitable for those who wish to become professional guides, parks officials and/or work in fields such as recreation and ecotourism.


  • Wilderness (3 or more hours from organized health care)
  • Challenging environments with varied risk levels

Planned Trip: Expedition/Multi-day trip

Care: Participants learn skills and strategies for providing extended care overnight to a few days

Key Learning Concepts:

  • Prevention; health and wellness of the group
  • Leadership skills
  • Assessment
  • Extended care and decision-making around additional supports required

Take Home Materials:

  • Wilderness & Remote Field Guide

Register for Wilderness First Aid courses with our Partner Company, and knowledgeable friends at Ridge First Aid! Private and public courses available!