Back Country First Aid

Back Country First Aid $250.00

This 20 hour Standard First Aid (OFA 1 equivalent) course is catered to those who venture out to the back country for recreational activities such as snowbiking, snowmobiling, skiing and hiking.
Course topics are different from regular first aid courses because they include first aid for injuries such as fracture management, how to survive while waiting for Search and Rescue and Head Injuries.
Course is offered in partnership with Whistler Snowbikes, using real life examples of those who currently enjoy the backcountry playground.
Course will consist of a 4-6 hour Online portion will cover pre-reading material and course will have two practical training days. One day in class, one day practicing skills through scenarios in the back country
Please send email to for more information.

Course locations are in Vancouver and in Whistler, with practical days in Whistler. The course cost is $295.00

First Aid Training